What We Do

People cannot become involved in or take action towards something they are not aware of or something that they don't understand. Our goal is to inform people about Biodiversity and how Biodiversity loss effects everyone regardless of what your culture is or where you live on this planet. When people hear the word Biodiversity or the phrase "Biodiversity loss" they should not have to ask "what is that?"

Getting the message across to people on a subject like this is not easy. However, musicians naturally have an audience and a way of motivating and inspiring people. They don't have to sing about Biodiversity or play songs about it. They can just let their audience know that this is a message that they care about and they should care about it too.

How we do it

We sponsor or take part in different events such as concerts and festivals where we can provide  brochures or information packets regarding Biodiversity and ways people can become involved. Some events may include a screening of a documentary, or a speaker knowledgeable about environmental issues such as climate Change. We endeavor to make information simplified so that the average person can understand it.

"From the Top" is an Internet Radio Talk Show hosted by Calvin Hogue, the founder and President of MFB. This is where we invite organizations, groups or individuals to talk about their efforts and achievements in helping the environment and to inspire others to take action. These interviews are archied and can be shared with people around the world.

There are many organizations that focus on a particular subject such as Rain Forests, Rivers. Endangered Species, Climate Change etc. We make an effort to support the work of these organizations because their issues are related to or can have an effect on Biodiversity. We always encourage everyone to do what you can where you are. If everyone makes a small effort, it will make a Big difference