Musicians for Biodiversity is a Non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting awareness of Biodiversity and Biodiversity loss. Musicians have always led the way when it comes to bringing important matters to the attention of the public. We have partnered with the United Nations to help promote their designation of the years 2011-2020 as the Decade on Biodiversity.


Our Mission

Our goal is to get enough information to the average person for them to understand what biodiversity is and inspire them to do what they can where they are to help stop Biodiversity loss. People need to understand how the loss of Biodiversity can affect the quality of life that we have on this planet now and in the future.

Getting the message across to people on a subject like this is not easy. However, musicians naturally have an audience and they can inspire people in ways that other people cannot. Musicians provide a friendly atmosphere. They don’t have to play music about Biodiversity or “sing about Biodiversity” they just need to let their audience know that this is a cause that they care about and that they should care about it too.

We partner with musicians from different countries and encourage them to join us in spreading the message about Biodiversity loss and how everyone can do something to help.

  Connecting with Environmental Organizations

We keep in contact with different organizations that have a similar goal to ours. We make announcements about their activities on our website and/or Facebook page to help promote their agenda and to inspire others to help as well.

Internet Radio Broadcast

Calvin Hogue, the founder and President of Musicians for biodiversity, hosts an Internet Radio Broadcast   called “From the Top”. on BlogTalk radio. We invite business executives and people from other environmental organizations to be a guest on our show to speak about what their organization is doing help solve the earths environmental issues. The interview is recorded live and archived, and can be shared with people around the world.

   Our Partnership With the United Nations

We became partners with the UNDB in 2013 after they had declared the years 2011-2020 as the Decade on Biodiversity. The UN has a trategic plan for Biodiversity to promote its overall vision of living in harmony with nature. Part of that plan is called the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Target number one is to make people aware of the values of Biodiversity and the steps they can take to conserve and use itsustainably. This is where MFB is dedicated to helping

   President and Founder

Calvin Hogue founded Musicians for Biodiversity in 2013 to support the UnitedNations Decade on Biodiversity. He is a talented musician and songwriter. He hasmore than 30 years in the field of graphic art and design. He also hosts two Internet radio talk shows “The DrCal Hour of Insight” and “From the Top.”

As a musician, he was inspired to create Musicians for Biodiversity to help get the message out about biodiversity loss by connecting with musicians from around the world.


Calvin Hogue -

Rochelle Park, New Jersey

Brian Benkert -

Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Garrison Davis-

Lithonia, Georgia

Christian Roith-

Ulm Germany